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What's the story behind Fiaje?

Fiaje was created in 2017 by wife and husband duo Amanda & Brett to fulfil a dream of bringing to market artisan jams based on recipes using fruit and vegetables that have been long forgotten or creating new offerings. We could see there was an opportunity to really shake-up this area and provide customers with a new eating experience.

We also have an appreciation for great food and a love for cooking. Pairing our jams and preserves with other great foods and products with other artisan food makers and shakers is a great experience. For us the makers and the consumer. It can bring about a totally new taste experience for any food or meal.

We were both brought up in the country so have a strong affinity for our farmers and primary producers located in Australia. While we reside in Adelaide we still hark back to our country origins - this is an opportunity to get back to our roots and reconnect with the many great rural people and producers in our country.

Do any of your products contain preservatives?

We only use natural sugars and vinegars as preservatives in our products. No artificial preservatives are used in any of our products.

Do you use any thickeners in your products?

We utilise the natural pectin in the fruit we are preserving to act as a thickener. Apple Pie Jam is the only exception, to get the required flavour and consistency pectin is added.

Can I eat it after the indicated best before date?

Unopened most jams, relishes and chutneys will keep for some time after their best before date, while the colour may change it will still be fine to consume. Once opened it is best stored in the refrigerator.

Which of your products are gluten free?

All the jams contain no gluten. Our savoury relishes and chutneys do contain spices which may contain traces of gluten.

What's the difference between relish and chutney?

Chutneys tend to be chunkier in nature containing bigger segments of fruit and vegetable. Many of our chutneys also have distinctive spicy undertones to enhance the taste experience further. Relishes are smoother in texture with a stronger tomato and sometimes curry to enhance the flavour further. We also add various spices and chillies to some of our relish options for some lingering heat.

What is the difference between a jam, preserves and jelly?

Jam and preserves are essentially the same thing. In jams and preserves, whole fruits are used and included in each jar. In a jelly, just the fruit juice is used.

Do you use additives or pectin in your products?

We only use natural ingredients in all of our products. Pectin is derived from the natural fruits that we use in all of our products. The only exception being Apple Pie Jam where there is not enough natural pectin in the fruit to make the jam set and so a natural jam setter needs to be used.

How long will it take my order to ship?

Orders placed by in the morning are typically shipped out the same day, otherwise they are shipped the following business day. We ship using a number of courier services and transit times within Australia can range from 1-5 shipping days depending on the destination.

What is the sugar content or nutritional information of your products?

Fiaje is a small enough business that we have not yet had to post nutritional information for our products. We use 100% cane sugar for sweetening our products and focus on bringing out the natural fruit flavours, not overpowering them with lots of sugar.

Do you have bulk order pricing? What is the lead time for large orders?

We do have special pricing for larger orders and the lead times depend on how large an order is. Please contact us at info@fiaje.com.au to arrange further details.

Do you work with wholesalers and distributors?

We certainly do. Please refer to our dedicated wholesaler section of our website for details on how to apply and wholesaler terms.