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About Fiaje

Our Story

Fiaje was officially formed in 2017 by wife and husband duo Amanda & Brett. Having both grown up in the country with easy access to fresh fruit and farm produce we have a long history of making jam and relish. 

After years of making our versions of those tried and tested recipes the demand from friends and family became such that we decided to create a brand for our products. Hence FIAJE was created. 

Standing for Fruit In A Jar Experience. It’s a bit of a tongue twister. Pronounced “fee-ar-sh” with a French lilt and you’ve got it licked. 

Our Fiaje Brand

We think it is a name that truly represent what we want our customers to experience and recognise – relatable to childhood memories with flavour, vibrant colour and texture. We strive to give our customers an exclusive and original product where the true fresh fruit flavours really come through. 

Fiaje is based in the fruit bowl of South Australia where we have access to an amazing range of locally grown produce. We thoroughly enjoy the process from picking the fruit to creating a great tasting final product. 

The Fiaje technique is to cook the fruit with just the right balance of sugar to maintain the integrity of the fruit and preserve it without drowning the natural taste of the fruit. Some of the jams are cooked over two days where we macerate the fruit with sugar and spices overnight to meld and draw out the fruit juices and flavours. The next day it is finished by applying a quick boil to meld the fruit flavours and sugar together further until the desired texture and flavours are achieved. 

We make all of our products in small batches where all of our fruit-based jam and jelly products are cooked using no more than 4kg of fruit at a time. 

Fiaje Production

This technique allows the true flavour of the produce to come through. It also allows us to change, play and tweak our recipes to suit the variety, type and style of in season fruit and vegetables. Enhancing them further with subtle touches of sweetness, spices and herbs. Every single jar is filled and finished by hand. 

Fiaje range of products

Not just a spread
- We love making our products, we also love eating them! While our jams are amazing on a hot piece of fresh toast or croissant in the morning they also offer so much more. We love them with cheese, cold meats, over ice-cream or even as a cheeky little cocktail addition. 

For further inspiration, you can even use them to compliment your cooking and culinary experiences. From marinated baked hams, duck or pork glaze, adding extra punch to your pasta sauce or a great filling in a sweet or savoury pastry.

Scrambled Eggs - Avo - Tomato RelishSalmon - Mango - Chilli Jam

So, let your taste buds bask in our little taste sensations. We are sure they will approve.

Team Fiaje